Mobile Suit Victory Gundam Review

Synopsis: In the distant future of the Universal Century, earth comes under attack by the Zanscare Empire, a fanatical theocratic organization originating from the Side 2 space colony Amelia. When BESPA, the military wing of Zanscare, attacks the backwoods Eastern European village of Point Kasarelia, 13-year old Üso Ewin reluctantly joins the local cell of the League Militaire, a guerilla resistance movement dedicated to fighting Zanscare. Üso becomes the pilot of the new Victory Gundam and, along with his friend Shahkti and a group of similarly young and initially naïve League Militaire recruits, learns the true meaning of war, sacrifice, and loyalty.  Release Date:  1993-1994 Episodes:  51 Timeline:  UC 0153 My Grade: B Mobile Suit Victory Gundam  is an unusual entry in the Universal Century timeline of the Gundam franchise in that it takes place much farther into the future than any of the other UC releases. By this point in the story, characters like Amuro and Char, and the famed o

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