MG Zaku II and MG Char's Zaku II

After completing my first Master Grade, the RX-78-02 Gundam: The Origin , I felt it only natural for my second MG to be a Zaku II. I couldn't decide between the standard Zaku II and Char's custom model, so I said screw it - why not both?  I worked on these two kits simultaneously for about two months (though I could likely have finished a fair bit earlier if I hadn't taken my time). It was very useful to do them side-by-side, as the pieces are almost identical, and therefore required less planning across both - for instance, I only had to do one test build.  It was a really fun experience, helped by the fact that I completed the weapons before anything else (I often feel like the weapons are a slog coming at the end). I used mostly the same techniques as on the RX-78-02, though I experimented with some new products, like Alclad II Gloss Black Base and Chrome. I also switched from Testors enamels to Vallejo Model Color acrylics for the hand-painting (just wanting to work cle

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